Certificate Database

The certificate database can be used to access information on the current status of all certificates issued by Sira Certification Service, and of EU Notified Body certificates issued by CSA Group Netherlands BV and CSA Testing & Certification Inc.

Please use the search function below. Note that this database is for indicative purposes only. For absolute certainty regarding validity of a certificate, please contact us directly.

To Search for a Certificate

Please enter the certificate number in the “Certificate Number” field below. Note, please ensure you enter the complete certificate number into the search field, in the exact same format as the example below.

Certificate format examples: ATEX certificate SIRA 15ATEX1234 or CSA 18ATEX1234
QAN certificate SIRA10ATEXM123 or CSA 18ATEXM1234
ATEX technical file certificate SIRA 15XT123 or CSA 18XT123
Functional safety product certificate FSP 07001
Function safety company certificate CASS 00011/05
Management system certificate 0123456-1

Please enter the details below. E-Mail address is required:
Certificate Number:

For copies of the certificates please contact the certificate holder directly.

To access IECEx certificates, please visit the IECEx website by clicking here

To search Sira management systems certification issued to companies in China click here
搜索Sira中国赛瑞管理体系认证证书,请点击 这里